Camrose Pride Community's Vision, Mission, and Value Statements
The CPC executives met on January 31st and February 1st for a strategic planning session and would like community input into the future direction of our organization. We would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve our Vision, Mission, and Value Statements.

Note: all responses are private and confidential.
The is our current draft of our vision statement: "Creating safe and inclusive communities for everyone." If you have ideas of improvements, please let us know below.
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This is our current draft of our mission statement: "CPC’s mission is to create space for wellness through providing opportunities for education, collaboration, and engagement." If you have ideas of improvements, please let us know below.
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CPC's Value Statements are considerably more broad than the concise Mission and Vision Statements, and therefore are still in the early development stages. Our most important values could include: 1) Advocacy and Dialogue; 2) Providing/Uplifting/Celebrating/Supporting Oppressed Populations; 3) Empowerment: living without fear of prejudice and violence; 4) Trauma Informed Practices; 4) Intentional Intersectionality (including reaching out to differently-abled folks, connecting community members of different ages, faith groups, backgrounds, and more); 5) Accessibility; 6) Outreach; 7) Stability and Consistency; 8) Reciprocal Relationships: Community informs our work, as our work informs the community | "Nothing about us without us." for ALL voices | Community Driven
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If you have further comments on what could be improved about our Mission, Vision, and Value Statements, please let us know below. If you have any other comments about the Camrose Pride Community, please also include them if you'd like.
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Email - If you are not currently on our emailing list and would like to be added, please add an email address below. Please also include an email and indicate that you would like a response if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. Thank you for your valuable input.
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