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Please choose only ONE option for each question. Please also note that the Grace & Mission elective is a 3 day training strand so opting for this will mean a single choice for the duration of the camp. Thanks!

Elective Descriptions:

Grace & Assurance - How does our being saved by grace impact our assurance in this life? What often distracts us from the security we share in Christ and what will help us root ourselves in Him where real hope is found?

Grace & Marriage - Why is the grace of God the proper foundation for our marriages and what does this really look like in practice?

Grace & Parenting - As parents we desire to nurture and grow our kids in the best way - how should God's grace shape our view of parenting and what we should desire for our kids?

Grace & The Person of Jesus - He is the one through whom we receive God's grace and without whom we cannot know it. This elective will look at the person and work of Christ and how he is central to God's gracious purposes

Grace & Baptism/Lords Supper - The sacraments are signs of God's grace to us; how do they communicate it and how does this impact the way we practice them as a church?

Grace & Our Witness - How should God's grace shape the way we relate to our family and friends as witnesses of the gospel? What does a faithful witness to God's grace really involve?

Grace & Mission - A three day training strand that will introduce the Christianity Explored and Life Explored course materials that we can use in both one to one and group sharing. Will include a focus on international student ministry (ISM)

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