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To sign up follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Fill out the form below - the sign up is binding.
2. ­Go to Republikken, Vesterbrogade 26, start connecting and working from the start date you chose.
3. You will receive a welcome email with more instructions.

When you sign up for a connect membership, you get:

• Access to our new co-working facilities, weekdays from 8am to 5pm (except bank holidays)
• A 50% discount on meeting rooms
• Use of our prototype workshop at a 30% discount
• Access to discounted or free workshops of Republikskolen
• Free espresso coffee and tea
• Free breakfast at our Community Breakfast every Thursday
• Access to printing
• Access to co-working spaces in Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona and Sofia with our Global Pass

The price for Connect membership is 850 kr. excl. VAT / month.
With a sign up you also agree to receive informational CONNECT_ emails with news and offers prepared for you. You can always unsubscribe from it.
Connect Contract
Version 1.3


Den Kreative Republik Aps, Vesterbrogade 24b 2.sal, 1620 København V. (hereinafter referred to as ‘Republikken’)


the Member/Connect member


A Connect member gets access to the Open workspace at Republikken.
The membership costs DKK 850 excl. VAT per month. The membership is subject to annual regulation and increases 3% per year with effect from the 1st of January.
Commencement date is __##When do you want to start?##__.
The membership is personal and it cannot be given to someone else by any circumstance.
Members are not allowed to leave their private belongings. Republikken has the right to remove all abandoned stuff without any obligation or responsibility to store them.
Republikken has the right to reject applications regarding membership.
When becoming a Connect member you get a Connect member card.
The Connect membercard is property of Republikken – loose / new card fee is DKK 100 excl. VAT.
Republikken can change the Connect membership conditions, prices and services with 14 days notice. Notice will posted at the café in Republikken.
The house rules of Republikken must be observed by the Connect member.


Members have access from 8:00-17:00 during the weekdays Monday - Friday. The workspace can be closed in rare occasions.
The Workspace is closed on all bank holidays.


Republikken cannot guarantee vacant workspaces for everyone.
Members may only occupy a workspace that corresponds to the number of people using it, which means; jackets and backpacks cannot occupy other tables next to you.
The conducting work cannot disturb other members, whether it’s in form of air-, noise- or lights disturbance.

As a member, you get a discount on chosen products and services. Further discount cannot be granted.
Discounts can only be activated, by showing the membership card.


Guests may not access workspace areas without a Workpass.
Meetings with people without Workpass or membership of Republikken has to be held in a meeting room.


As a member you have access to printing, scanning and copying. Be aware that as a Connect-member, you should be able to install printing on your own. Republikken can assist you with advanced print installations and setups for a fee.
Meeting rooms can be booked through our booking-calendar. Payments/Billing regarding meeting rooms should always be directed at the café after use. Notice that meeting rooms cannot be used without booking even if they are empty. Republikken issues invoices weekly or monthly.
Members can receive mail at Republikken. Letters will be returned to sender after a month. Packages will be returned to sender after 7 workdays. Up til 5 packages per month per Connect member.
As a member you have access to Republikken’s fiber internet wifi. Be aware that our internet may not be used for any illegal download or use.
Republikken strive to keep all our machines and equipment in good shape and fully functional. But in rare occasions the equipment and services may not be available due to technical errors. Republikken can not be held responsible for any downtime.


Payment is due the 1st of the month. If a payment is received later, a reminder fee DKK 100,- will be added.
Your membership and membership payment starts the day you sign up.
All members are obligated to subscribe to our payment service (Leverandørservice). If not, an additional handling fee of DKK 50,-will be added to the monthly invoice.


Both Republikken and the Connect member can terminate a membership with 1 month notice until the 1st in the month. The cancellation is done in accordance with the procedure set out in the house rules of Republikken.
If a Connect Member violates any of the provisions above, or the house rules, Republikken can terminate this Connect Contract with immediate effect.
This Connect Contract is not governed by the Danish Business Lease Act.
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