2018 Hype Course Registration
Please fill in your name and email to register and confirm your attendance of the HYPE Course 2018, held at SMHI in Norrköping, 4th - 6th September, Sweden 2018. The email you fill in will be used to communicate all course information and send an annual newsletter related to the HYPE model. Please bring your own computer and data. If you require a letter for visa application, please email emilie.breviere@smhi.se
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Please provide a labelled shapefile with a polygon to this HYPE course google folder (copy and paste into your browser): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxIX7GkCBBxMYkg1UXRkeU8yNUE Otherwise, please specify the coordinates of the area you are interested in below:
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IF you will bring your own data to work with during the course, what data do you intend to bring?
Examples of data you could bring: river flow observations with metadata (including location and preferably catchment area) AND/OR catchment delineation AND/OR routing (flow lines or river network) AND/OR land use AND/OR description of lakes and reservoirs (shapefile and metadata) AND/OR forcing data (daily precipitation and temperature) AND/OR river diversions. NOTE: We ask for this information so we can help you to use our model, we are NOT requesting access to your data.
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Important: License Information
The model code is open source under the Lesser GNU Public License. For the model set up, you automatically agree to follow the User Conditions stated at http://hypecode.smhi.se/access-to-world-wide-hype/ when you download the files.
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