Honoring Mounties in Essential Services!
We want to recognize and honor members of the Mount alumnae community who are working in the many essential services that are keeping our communities moving forward during the COVID19 crisis including law enforcement and first responders, grocery, food and restaurant services; elder care and social services; postal workers and delivery services; utility workers, telecommunications and transportation services; banking services; mass transit workers; and other essential functions. There are so many of you working within our communities providing important services and meeting critical needs and we are so grateful! To honor and thank you, we want to tell your story to our Mount community. Please answer some, or all, of the questions below, and submit a photo of yourself - at work if possible. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. We are praying for your safety and are grateful for everything you are doing for our community!! Send your photo to ksullivan@msdacademy.org.
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Can you share a bit about what you're experiencing, seeing, feeling in your role in the essential services right now? (Only answer if you're comfortable doing so.)
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