Yes, I'd like to be a Beta Reader for GONE GREEN, Book 3 (Janey McCallister Mystery series)
Thanks for agreeing to be a beta reader for GONE GREEN, Book 3 (Janey McCallister Mystery series). A mystery with romantic elements, this book is about 65,000 words (269 pages) and the THIRD in a four book series.

I'm sending out the beta reader edition now mid-MARCH 2021 by March 28, 2021.

The book is due out May 14, 2021.

Note: Your email is confidential and you are not being added to any other mailing list, unless you agree, as requested below.

As a THANK YOU, you will receive a polished ebook copy of the book. Also, your name will be listed in the Acknowledgements, if you'd like. You can indicate your preference below.


L’Étoile’s lead investigator Janey McCallister faces her hardest case yet.

On the eve of the hotel space station’s twentieth anniversary celebration, criminals rob the casino’s vault and kill one security guard.

Janey teams up with Orlando Valdez, a sexy undercover cop for the Sol Unified Planets, to hunt down those responsible.

Since the casino has only a day’s worth of cash on hand, she must solve the complex plot behind the robbery before the theft creates a mass panic and puts L’Étoile out of business—and before the killer strikes again.


GONE GREEN is perfect for fans of J.D. Robb’s Eve Dallas books, The Expanse, and Killjoys and CSI. It contains a slow-burn romance, enhanced humans, cool high-tech gadgets, a futuristic vision of the Earth, and a tough kick ass heroine with secrets.


Janey McCallister Mystery series
Into The Black (Book 1) (On sale)
Lured By Light (Book 2) (On sale)
Gone Green (Book 3) (On preorder for May 14, 2021)
Red Running Deep (Book 4) (Coming in Nov. 2021)

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