Kelley Elizabeth Shea “Make Lemonade Everyday” Scholarship Application
The Kelley Elizabeth Shea “Make Lemonade Everyday” Scholarship is designed for a woman 20-35 years of age diagnosed, undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. The chosen recipient should display the same exuberance and passion for life that defined Kelley. The Kelley Elizabeth Shea "Make Lemonade Everyday" Scholarship sponsors one (1) travel Scholarship (airfare, hotel and free registration) to attend the CancerCon, April 27 - 30, 2017 in Denver CO.

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet all of the below requirement criteria.
-- Female cancer survivor or patient
-- Diagnosed between the ages of 20-35
-- Between the ages of 20-35
-- Must live in the United States

Applications are due: March 26, 2017

Email with questions.

About the Scholarship:
This scholarship has been established to honor the timeless legacy of Kelley Elizabeth Shea (January 4, 1988 – December 12, 2015). Kelley was born in Chestnut Hill, MA and attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where she double-majored in Neuroscience and Art History. Only a few months after graduation, Kelley was diagnosed with Breast Cancer shortly after starting her career at The Atlantic Monthly. After moving home briefly to seek treatment in Boston and unwilling to let a cancer diagnosis be her defining characteristic, Kelley moved to New York City and commuted between the two cities for treatment for over 5 years. Most recently, Kelley served as a Digital Strategist at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, a mobile-application development platform. Kelley adored traveling, seeking out new restaurants and surrounding herself with her immense group of friends. She had a spunky attitude, wonderful sense of humor and was a fierce fighter for truth and meaning. In addition, she embodied courage, selflessness and beauty even at a time in her life when it was excusable not to.

Like other young cancer survivors, Kelley was diagnosed with cancer at a time when it was difficult to comprehend. Upon finding Stupid Cancer, Kelley began to realize how far-reaching and interconnected the young cancer community could be and became intimately involved as a vibrant advocate for the organization. Kelley wholeheartedly believed in Stupid Cancer’s mission to help young cancer survivors and caregivers find the resources they need and deserve.

The phrase “Make Lemonade Everyday” is derived from Kelley’s attitude towards life. Aware of the obstacles in her way, Kelley was determined to live each day with optimism and to maximize the zest for life she could squeeze into every hour of every day. We believe her message to others, including those with a diagnosis of cancer, is to live each day with the maximum determination, hope and spirit possible.

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