DecarboN8 Stakeholder Research Group
The implications of decarbonising transport vary: by place, sector, and social group. The DecarboN8 Research Network will run a series of region and topic specific stakeholder meetings between 2020-2022. At these meetings the DecarboN8 team and a panel of stakeholders will explore the unanticipated consequences of innovations in travel proposed within the DecarboN8 project and more broadly with a focus on place-based needs, opportunities, and challenges.

We are seeking participation across the region, from business/industry (including small business), policy, NGOs, charities and citizens. If you would like to have a say on these issues, and represent the interests of a particular place, sector, or demographic then please sign up today. We will draw from this panel to ensure the interests of a broad range of stakeholders are taken into account in the pilots and innovations coming out of the network.

This form is hosted on Google Docs. By submitting it, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to Google Docs for processing. The DecarboN8 team will use this information to select stakeholders to join the Stakeholder Research Group. You can ask us to delete your data at any time by emailing Please note that without your data we will be unable to process your application and so your application will be withdrawn. Many thanks.
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