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- Co-buyer(s), submit separately (e.g. spouses, parent/child etc.).
- Proof of funds need to be in our file prior to showings.
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. . . . . the structure:
Condition: 1: rough / 10:new
Fix up, Avg, Very Good, Like New, New Built
Fixer Upper
New Build
Minimum Square Footage: 1:<1000, 4:>2999
<1000, 1000-1500,1500-3000, 3000 or more
3000 or more
Water/ Lot / Yard Feature(s):
Preferred Style(s):
Siding Preference(s):
Brick, Wood, Vinyl, Alum, Slate, Shake
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Min # Bdrms:
Min. # Baths:
Formal Dining: 1: required 5: indifferent
Flooring Preference(s):
# Stories: 1: ranch, 3: multi-level
Only want a 1 - story / ranch
Only want a 2- story or multi-level home
Minimum garage preference(s):
Fireplace(s): 1:must, 5: indifferent
must have
indifferent/ don't care
A Full Master Bath: 1:must, 5: indifferent
must have
indifferent/ don't care
Den / Office: 1:must, 5: indifferent
must have
indifferent/ don't care
Kitchen: upgrades desired
Dishwasher, disposal, 2nd sink/island area, granite
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. . . . . the outside:
Yard Preferences - if any:
slope, flat, trees, roll, walk out
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Landscaping Preferences - if any:
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View Preferences - if any:
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Pool: 1:must, 5: don't want
Must have
Don't want
Patio/Porch: 1:must, 5: don't want
Must have.
Don't want
Deck(s): 1:must, 5: don't want
Must have
Dont' want
Exterior Building -
no/ low/ avg. maintenance & type of siding required/preferred:
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. . . . . the area:
Your preference
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Distance to town/ size of town:
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Street type:
paved/ dirt / any
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. . . . . conveniences:
Max distance/amount of time: e.g. upto 1/2 hr from my work downtown Bigville
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Transportation Preference(s):
Within x min of airport, freeways..
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Shopping / Park/ Library / University:
Within x min of mall, grocery, etc.
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Religious Facilities:
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. . . . . other important factors (RED STARS require answers):
Proof of Funds: *
One of these documented proofs need to be on file with us to get started. Please cover account numbers or other sensitive info prior to forwarding.
Price Range: *
Example Answer: Prefer $X to $Y depending on condition and amenties.
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The biggest reason we are looking for property is:
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Best times that all parties to the decision are available to view properties.
Day & Time, e.g.: M, Th, Sa from 4-7pm
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Little / none.
High, I use email, can print, scan and attach files and photos
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