GCC2019 Training Topic Vote
The Galaxy Community Conference starts with training but also continues with training throughout the conference.
The community proposed some topics and now YOU NEED TO VOTE to select the ones offered at GCC2019!

More than 25 topics have been nominated by the community. The GCC2019 Organizing Committee compiled them and expanded this list with community requests and topics from the previous GCC to offer a large list of possible training to the community.


Please take a few minutes to vote which ones should be at GCC2019! Thank you!


Voting closes at the end of February 4.

Vote for as many topics as you want, but please note that the more topics you vote for the less your vote for each one counts.
What? Here's an example.
If Moni votes for 4 topics then each of her votes counts for 1/4 of a point.
If Dave votes for 22 topics then each of his votes counts for 1/22 of a point.


GCC2019 (https://galaxyproject.org/events/gcc2019/) will be held 1-6 July in Freiburg, Germany. It will feature 1 day of introductory training and then 3 days with more specialized training sessions aligned with talks.
Training sessions are 2 hours long on the 1st day and 1 1/2 hours during the following 3 days.

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