FOSS Responders: Individual Request
1. This form is intended for individuals to request help for their personal hardships due to open source event cancellation or travel restriction preventing attendance. If you are an organization that needs help, please navigate back to and select one of the options for "org" support.

2. A process for reviewing and fulfilling requests is still being determined and will be announced by April 6, 2020.

3. Note that you will be asked for receipts for the expenses you are claiming against. Please make sure you have these available as either an image or a pdf when requested.

4. Submitting a request does not guarantee you will receive funds. We will do our best to address your issue.

5. You will be contacted via the email address we receive with your response.

6. You will be sent a unique ID - please remember to quote that ID in any correspondence.

7. If you would like to discuss this request privately, please join and request to speak with someone privately.

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Please tell us about your involvement in open source software and how you contribute to open source projects *
This could be code contribution or many other ways you contribute!
Which open source event(s) were you not able to attend? *
If you need to tell us about more than one cancelled event, please enter them all here. We are looking for one combined application. Include links, especially links that announce the event is cancelled etc
Why were you not able to attend? *
Describe the reason of non-attendance - this could be due to the event being cancelled, borders being closed causing travel restriction, anything. Please give detail and please link to relevant announcements etc. Detail why you are not able to reclaim the expense via refunds or insurance.
Total expense being requested *
What is your total out-of-pocket expense, expressed in US dollars? We will later ask for receipts.
Thinking of your circumstances, which apply to you?
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