ARCOS Presents 2024 - Open Call

ARCOS Presents is a production mentorship and laboratory designed to prepare dance artists to be nimble, courageous, and willing to take creative risks by tackling difficult ideas in new ways.

We aim to support the “emerging-into-self-producing” dance artist at any stage of their choreographic practice. 

Applicants should be interested in experimentation and making art that is resilient to the ongoing changes we will all continue to face.

We invite dance artists thinking in genre-expanding, unconventional, multidisciplinary, and risky directions. 


Lab program will produce two AUSTIN-BASED artists: 
One full-length piece already in development
The project timeline is approximately 2.5 months. In order to best serve participating artists in this project, we will prioritize projects already in development—meaning you've created and workshopped to some degree, are revising an existing project, or have a solid vision for the direction of the project. 

One short-form work-in-progress (20-ish minutes or less)
This project is ideal for testing out or workshopping a new idea, or getting an idea up on its feet to experiment with an audience. Let us help you with the support and the push to manifest those ideas!

We understand the kind of labor that goes into any application process. Please complete the items to the best of your current ability and capacity. ARCOS directors are happy to answer any questions you might have and speak with you about whether this program is the right fit for your ideas. Email to connect with us. Thank you what you bring to our community.

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First + Last Name *
Pronouns *
Address (Austin) *
By sharing your address you affirm that Austin is your primary residence and the city in which you intend to make and publicly present the proposed work.
Please indicate to which project you are applying: *
Please know that we are evaluating the program alignment and scope feasibility of your proposal, not your writing prowess. We care that your ideas are clearly communicated and shared in your voice. 
Please share your previous experience with self-producing. We define "self-producing" as the presentation of artistic work carried out by an individual or group of individuals, or by a project-based (not contracted) company or collective. Perhaps you've produced your own work in the past and want to improve the process. Perhaps you've contributed to the production of another artist's work or produced a project with collaborators but never solo or as the artistic lead. Maybe you've never mounted an artistic project before. We'd like to understand where you are in this process -- “emerging" does not mean novice, rather that you would benefit from support and mentorship to continue making art on your own terms. 

Please share previous projects, presentation dates, venues, and your associated role(s) in the production. This can be in list format. 
What themes, concepts, and/or ideas are you investigating with this project, and why are they important to you? What kind of process do you need to explore these frameworks?
Please describe the manifestation of your proposed project as much as you can envision right now. This can include process notes, approaches to movement/style, collaborators, ideas for the physical presentation space, number of performers, audience configuration, technical elements, etc. 

We understand that full-length and short-form applicants will answer this question differently. Please share as much you know right now. 
How do you feel your project and practice reflect the genre-expanding, unconventional, multidisciplinary, and risky work that this program is designed to support?
Please paste your resume or CV, or provide a link to it here. If you do not have a full resume or CV on hand, briefly list parts of your artistic, educational, and professional background that you believe are relevant to your proposed project.
This is our chance to get to know you as an artist! How does your work manifest, or what does is look like in practice? We ask for TWO work samples that will introduce us to you AND your project proposal. 

1 sample of your proposed project: rehearsal footage, personal (movement/written/painted, etc.) research, or previous performance iterations. 

1 sample of previous artistic work: your own performance (dance, theater, improv, music, etc) or your own choreography/direction
Work Sample #1– Description *
Please frame this sample (rehearsal footage, performance, your choreography/direction, etc.) and why you chose to share it. 
Work Sample #1 – Link  *
Work Sample #2– Description *
Please frame this sample (rehearsal footage, performance, your choreography/direction, etc.) and why you chose to share it. 
Work Sample #2 – Link  *
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