Sapient House Application
We are looking for the first members of the Sapient House and we are hoping you will be one of them! Maybe you have MCS, another environmental disease or you are an ally to those of us who do. Whichever the case I'm sure it is just as hard for you as it has been for me to find a suitable home. Please answer these questions to the best of your ability or as much as you are comfortable and we will be in touch.
Why do you think that Sapient House would be the right home for you?
How do you feel about enforcing a strict fragrance and chemical free policy?
Will you change/shower when you return home if needed? Will you keep fragranced guests out of the house? Will you only use all natural products?
What are some of your specific needs when sharing space?
Do you have a partner you will be sharing a room with?
Clear selection
Which of these activities interests you?
How do you feel about content being created from your home such as photography, video or articles and being posted publicly online?
What is your housing budget and how are you aquiring these funds?
What is your timeline and when would you like to move in?
When is the soonest you can be available? How long can you wait?
If you are not selected for this iteration of Sapient House, would you like to be added the wait list and kept informed of future projects?
Clear selection
Is there anything else you'd like to share including what you specifically hope to bring to or gain from living together?
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