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Please let us know how you would like to be involved as we move forward with Next Steps, following our 150 mile pilgrimage into the Heart of Virginia...

Also, if you have any feedback about the walk, please let us know that, too!
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Sow Em on the Mountain - Sing 3
Did you walk with us? If so, please let us know how you were impacted by it, or what you took away from the experience of Walking The Line into the Heart of Virginia.
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How would you like to be involved moving forward?
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Sacred Places point 11 - Union Hill, Buckingham County
Sacred Places Map, Point #11: Union Hill, Buckingham County.
Here, in the heart of Virginia, an historic African American community surrounds former slave plantations which are now the chosen site of a proposed 31,515 horsepower gas compressor station. Many ancestors of this community bought their land before the end of the civil war and archeologists from Preservation Virginia assess that many more are buried in some 100-200 unmarked graves. This, the only compressor station for the entire proposed pipeline in Virginia, is slated to be built in the middle of Union Hill. (Artwork by Arielle Lemons)
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