Burley & Woodhead CE Primary School Children Walking To/From School Unaccompanied

If your child regularly walks to school unaccompanied, it is essential you inform us as soon as possible if they are not attending or are going to be late for any reason. We will then endeavour to inform you if they do not arrive in school for registration.

Please fill in the form below and state if your child has permission to walk to/from home/school unaccompanied.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Child's Name and Surname *
Child's Year Group *
By filling in the form I agree to notify school before 8.50am if my child is not attending or will be late for any reason. I will ensure my child does not arrive before 8.40am and I understand that school cannot accept responsibility for my child before this time. I also accept that school cannot accept responsibility for my child once he/she has left the building at the end of the school day. *
Parent/Carer Full Name *
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