Feedback Form for UW-Extension Agricultural Podcasts
The 2016 podcast series have been part of a pilot project. As I evaluate and decide the future of this and other digital efforts, your feedback will be critically important to know how people are using the podcasts and the the value placed on these efforts. Please share your feedback on the episodes you have watched this year.
1. Please mark all of the podcast series where you have watched at least 1 episode. Mark all that apply.
2. How have the podcasts helped you? Mark all that apply.
3. In your opinion, please rate the format of the podcasts (i.e. the time length, the look, the sound, use of subtitles, etc.)
Needs improvement
4. In your opinion, should UW-Extension continue providing podcasts and other digital resources like these?
5. In your opinion, how timely were the podcasts?
Needs improvement
Very timely
6. How can we improve the podcasts? Ideas for new podcasts? Other comments?
Your answer
7. What is your role in the agricultural industry?
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