R.A.C.E. Request for Monetary Assistance
Terms & Conditions
**********READ ME**********
***Funds will ONLY be paid directly to clinics, veterinarians, pharmacies, or other legal entities involved with pet’s care and/or recuperation. We DO NOT pay/repay individuals.***
*We CANNOT pay or reimburse individuals.
*We CANNOT pay on a care credit account.
*We CANNOT prepay for services not yet rendered.
*We CANNOT pay if there is a $0 balance (i.e. already paid), thus leaving a credit to the account.

**Animals for which this request is being submitted *MUST BE* altered (spayed/neutered)! Exceptions to this are a) if the request is FOR altering the animal(s) or b) there is a medical reason (i.e. illness or age) for the animal not being altered (both of which MUST BE documented by the vet/clinic and provided to R.A.C.E. along with the records as mentioned below). We apologize for any inconvenience or unfairness you may feel towards this policy, but R.A.C.E. fully believes in the responsibility of helping to control the overpopulation of domestic animals causing overflowing shelters, thus trying to eliminate unnecessary euthanizations of said-animals. Proof of alteration MUST BE noted on the records sent to R.A.C.E. or in a note/letter from the vet/clinic, and will be confirmed by R.A.C.E. before payment is made to the vet/clinic.

* Prior to approval, the R.A.C.E. team will need to review the records of what has been done or the plan of care/treatment plan provided by the requester and/or veterinarian/clinic. After completing the form, please e-mail the required ​supporting docume​​ntation on what is being done for the animal​, including costs/cost estimates​, to requests@race4ran.com.
* Submitting a request to or accepting assistance from R.A.C.E. gives us permission to discuss that plan of care/treatment plan with the veterinarian/clinic, if applicable.
* Funds will ONLY be provided after an invoice or detailed account statement is supplied to R.A.C.E. for the services provided by the above-mentioned entities.
* Regarding requests for assistance with total estimates over $1,500 for non-emergent treatment(s)/procedure(s), the R.A.C.E. team may strongly encourage that you get a second opinion prior to approval.
* R.A.C.E., Pawsitively Famous, Inc., MuttNation Foundation, or any of their individual members are not/will not be held responsible or accountable for any residual balance(s) or additional care after what assistance is provided as outlined in the letter of acceptance to the household.
* Background and/or credit checks may be requested.
* Due to our limited funding and numerous requests, assistance cannot be provided more than twice per year per household.

** Submitting a request DOES NOT guarantee that assistance can be or will be provided.

All our Terms & Conditions for requesting monetary assistance can be found here - https://bit.ly/2EWiSfv

Last updated 12/18/18

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