Level 1 Test
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A Relevant Controlling Body (RCB) is: *
The person with the supreme control at a race meeting is: *
Who is responsible for the actual running of a race meeting? *
Which of the following officials are empowered to stop a race? *
In Carrying out their duties Operational Officials must: *
A Key Official at a meeting: *
In the event that an official witnesses any irregularity during a race the official should: Which is the INCORRECT answer *
A Flag Marshal notices a competitor racing in a dangerous manner during the course of an event. To whom should the Marshal report the incident? *
The start of a race occurs when: *
The flag used to indicate that the course is clear is the: *
What does a yellow flag waved during a race signify? *
You are the only flag marshal on a corner. A rider falls just past your post and is trapped under the bike. What do you do first? *
A white flag waved at a race meeting indicates: *
The Standard of Care expected of an official in legal terms is based on: *
An official who works in a voluntary capacity *
The "Responsible Person Test" has been developed to determine if a reasonable standard of care has been provided. To pass the reasonable person test an official must: *
Each official in attendance at a meeting: *
Which of the following represent duties of a motorcycle official? *
Which of the following are prohibited substances? *
What is the blood alcohol limit for officials working at a meeting? *
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