Etsy Made Local 2017 Mundaring Hills
Etsy Made Local 2017

Applications are now OPEN as of 10th July 2017 and will CLOSE 5PM MONDAY 1st August 2017.
Applications may close early depending on demand.
For Christmas 2017, Etsy Perth Hills is hosting ETSY MADE LOCAL - a community market event running concurrently with similar markets around the world on November 25th.

These selling events will be run by local groups of makers (called Etsy Teams) in partnership with and will provide a valuable platform for small creative businesses to promote themselves to their local gift-buying audience.

It celebrates the crafters, collectors and artisans in local communities across the country, from coast to coast, cities will be participating in this event run by local Easy Teams and participating sellers.

#EtsyMadeLocal #EtsyPerthHillsTeam

This year, ETSY MADE LOCAL will take place Saturday 25th November in Mundaring in the grounds of Mundaring Christian College (Primary).
Featuring stalls from 50 WA Etsy Sellers, with music and refreshments all day, it will be a fabulous day out in the hills of Perth.


This will be an open air market. It'll take place on a school grounds.
In the grounds of Mundaring Christian College, Walker St Mundaring.


All vendors must trade the full day of the 25th November 2017.


The event is open to anyone selling products on You must have products listed on your Etsy shop to be considered for the event.
All sellers must have an active Etsy shop open to apply. For 20 free listings for NEW shops, simply open your new shop at this link and enter the code MUNDARINGTEAM when prompted, please also ask to join the Etsy AU/NZ Support Group for more help.

While you may apply for more than one Etsy Made Local event, you will only be able to trade at one.

The decision of Etsy Australia and WA Etsy Perth Hills Team is final in all matters related to the event.

You must be a West Australian based artist to apply.

Sellers of unique, high quality manufactured items that comply with Etsy's manufacturing guidelines and reporting should feel confident in applying for a place at the markets, and these applications will be assessed using the same criteria as all other applications. However, because the event is "Etsy Made Local", where limited places exist or a type of craft is overrepresented, preference will be given to handmade articles, crafted locally.

HOW to have the best chance of getting a stall at this event...
Have a great team spirit - put yourself forward to help where possible.
Have an OPEN and STOCKED Etsy shop. if your store is not open or have any items in it we can't accept your application.
Have a good online presence - show us how you reach out to your followers.
Have great photo's online - we need to see your products.
PLEASE use the exact and correct URLs so that we can link directly from your text. We have many applications to go through and cannot devote time to searching from the web for you. if we can't find you using your links, we can not accept your application.


Applications accepted from morning of 10th July, closing 4th August at 5pm sharp. Late applications will be disregarded.


The cost of the stall at this event is $100.
Payable on confirmation of place, and payable by 21st August at 5pm.
Failure to make timely payment will result in the forfeit of your allocated stall space. We will not follow you up, you will just be notified that your space has gone to someone else.


Stallholders are required to have current $10 million Public Liability Insurance (and $10 million Product Liability, where applicable). Please do not arrange any insurance until you are approved.
Failure to supply will result in the forfeit of your spot.
If your application is successful we will ask for a copy of your certificate and this must be supplied when you pay for your stall


You are responsible for the safety of your own products at the event. The organisers of the event and the owners of Mundaring Christian College will not be held accountable for any loss, theft or damage to my personal belongings or products.


Yes, but you will both need to apply seperately and indicate on both application forms who you would like to share with.
This will only organised where possible. You are not entitled to a half stall if you are not.


Yes! Our Etsy Team captain and team members are market event regulars and can help you find the answers you need.


Each stall holder will need to bring some of the following items to make their life comfortable at the Markets.
As a general indication, you may need:
* your stock.
*a market umbrella/canopy/marquee and SAND BAG WEIGHTS, no pegs. (this may change)
*a table and table cover.
*display, signage and promotional materials.
*float to suit your product pricing
*a chair to sit on, i will supply one, so you may need an extra.
*and a massive smile.


ETSY MUNDARING HILLS will advise you (in writing, snail mail or email) of its decision.


Payments must be made by Monday, 5pm, 21ST AUGUST, 2017.


We run our events AT COST - all stall fees will go into covering the costs of venue fees, equipment hire, decoration and promotion. If you cancel, we will not be able to give you a refund. Please keep this in mind before applying.

Applications are now OPEN and will CLOSE 5PM MONDAY 4th August 2017.

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For vendors applying to both Perth EML events, please select your first preference.While you MAY apply to both events, you may only sell at one.
Are you able to trade the full day on November 25th 2017? Applicants must bump in and out at required times and be available to trade the whole day
We require you to supply your own incidentals and will advise you on an inexpensive 'market kit' closer to the day
You will be handling your own transactions, cash and / or electronic payments
We require you to share, post and promote the event on social media, generally and as directed by the team, please tag the event in every share.
* Type of product
To participate in the markets your products must conform to Etsy Guidelines. You can select more than one option
* Product Description (please describe in detail the materials used, methods of manufacture, colours, sizes, etc)
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* What is your anticipated market retail price range of your products?
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* Have you sold at markets before?
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Provide ONE sentence about your work that can be used for promotion purposes. Make it punchy and promotional, for instance "Kitten mittens ‐ because cats the world over deserve warm paws!"
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Provide a link to the best online picture that sums up your brand! Please paste a URL below
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General requirements. Do you have any special access requirements to the venue or bump‐in?
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What size stall would you like?
Have you joined the Etsy Perth Hills Team? We'd like all participants to also be team members where possible, and also follow the Team on Facebook. It's free and requires only a couple of clicks! Join the team here:
Do you require furniture above and beyond the trestle table, table linen and signage that will be provided on the day? (please give details if you select 'Other')The trestle tables are 1.8m x 0.75m. NOTE we are keen on keeping a consistent stall appearance. We cannot guarantee position of your stall. You will be standing behind your display and your floor space will be restricted to 3x3m.
Did you open an Etsy shop so that you could apply to these markets? This is just for statistical purposes ‐ We encourage new sellers and we hope you'll continue as an Etsy seller after the event too!
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