Outstanding Civil Engineer
Award Criteria:
Awarded annually to a licensed civil engineer (P.E.) within the geographical boundaries of the ASCE Iowa Section, with preference given to an ASCE Member of Fellow (excluding Honorary Members) who have attained this status for at least five years, and who is judged to have contributed substantially to the status of the engineering profession by:
a) An established reputation for professional service, with exemplary professional conduct in a specific outstanding instance.
b) Significant and lasting achievement in improving employment conditions under which civil engineers serve in public and private practice.
c) Significant contribution toward improving the professional aspects of civil engineering education.
d) Professional guidance of qualified young people who would seek civil engineering as a career; and professional development of young civil engineers in the formative stages of their careers.
e) Other evidence of merit by which the candidate has advanced the Society's objectives.

Awards Ceremony:
The selected individual will be recognized in 2021 at The Iowa Section Annual Meeting.
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