Team Member Update Form – all Urban Saints' Groups
1. This online form is to be used by a leadership team member to inform Urban Saints when any of the following applies:

- You are leaving the leadership team of your Urban Saints Group and not joining another team;
- You wish to transfer to the leadership team of a different Urban Saints' Group;
- Your personal details have changed.

2. This Form should NOT be used if you are applying for a different role within your current team. Instead, please use the Team Member Application Form here:

3.When you are ready, please work through all the questions below, noting that a red asterisk means the question is compulsory. Partly-completed forms cannot be saved so it is best to read through to the end and ensure you have all the required information to hand before starting.

4.All of the information given will be held and used in accordance with Urban Saints' Privacy Policy –
SECTION 1 – your details
Your full name *
Please give your full name, including middle names, so we can clearly identify you – if you are completing the form to let us know your name has changed, please give your PREVIOUS name here:
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Date of birth *
Please enter the date using this format: dd MMM YYYY, (e.g. 21 Aug 1989).
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Full name of your current Urban Saints' Group *
This should be the official Group name agreed with Urban Saints.
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Your current role in the Group *
Reason for completing this form *
Please tick the relevant box(es) below:
SECTION 2 – Complete ONLY if leaving your current Group
Date you left/will be leaving your current Group
Please enter the date using this format: dd MMM YYYY, (e.g. 16 Nov 2019).
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Name of Group you will be joining (if applicable)
If you are planning to join another Urban Saints' Group leadership team, please tell us the name of that Group (this should be the official name as recognised by Urban Saints – please check with the Main Leaders if you are unsure):
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SECTION 3 – details of any changes in personal details
Please complete the relevant sections below to show the new information:
Your title and FULL Name
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Home address, including Postcode
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Email Address
This email address is the one we will use for all communications from Urban Saints.
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Daytime Phone number
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Mobile Phone number
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1. For safeguarding reasons we are required to store information about team members indefinitely – even after they are no longer actively involved in leadership. Data is stored securely and in accordance with current GDPR guidelines. Urban Saints' Privacy Policy may be viewed here:

2. If you wish to change the way Urban Saints corresponds with you then please contact us at

3. If you are planning to move to another Urban Saints' Group and have given us the name of the Group above, we will contact the Main Leaders of that Group to verify the change.
Please type your name below to confirm you have read the information above and it is you that has completed this Form
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PLEASE check through your answers to ensure you have given us the correct details.

When you are ready to send us the Form click the SUBMIT button below. Once your form has been processed – which may take several days – we will confirm any changes with you.
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