Government Polytechnic Barauni, Begusarai
Diploma Computer Science & Engineering ( Semester -VI)
Subject: System Software
Class Test
Answer all the questions.
Email address *
The linker __________ *
Which of the following program is not a utility? *
DEBUG is able to troubleshoot only *
The physical devices of a computer : *
Non-modifiable procedures are called ? *
Mobile No. *
Translator for low level programming language were termed as *
A translator which reads an entire programme written in a high level language and converts it into machine language code is: *
Which bus is bidirectional? *
Set of programs which consist of full set of documentation is termed as *
Full Name (in capital letter) *
A program in execution is called *
Assembler is *
Shell is the exclusive feature of *
____________ refer to renewing or changing components like increasing the main memory, or hard disk capacities, or adding speakers, or modems, etc. *
A macro definition consists of *
Board Roll *
Process is *
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