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Join other members of the community as we open our homes to each other for Shabbat Dinner on May 31. You can host other members in your home or be a guest at the home of a fellow member. This is a great way to connect with other members of Habonim and meet some new families in a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Contact membership@habonim.net with any questions. FAQs at bottom of form.
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1. What is the timing for Habonim at Home?
When you register for Habonim at Home (both as a host and as a guest), you'll choose from a list of start times for your meal. Your assignment will contain the Name, Address and Contact information for the person hosting your meal as well as the start time for Shabbat dinner.

2. Does Habonim at Home include Kabbalat Shabbat at Congregation Habonim?
Kabbalat Shabbat begins at 6:30pm at Congregation Habonim and concludes at 7:30pm. When you register for Habonim at Home, you will choose from a list of start times for your meal which may accommodate prayer services at shul if you wish.

3. For Whom is Habonim at Home? May I bring my kids?
Please bring your kids. When you register for Habonim at home as a guest, you will note the number of registrants and the ages (for kids) of those who plan to attend. Hosts will have the opportunity to clarify if their meal is geared to families with or without children and/or to those of a particular age bracket. Guests will also have the option to indicate if they prefer to be at an adult only dinner.

4. Must I keep a kosher home to be a host?
No. Registration offers the opportunity for guests to request a host home that observes the laws of kashrut. If your home is not kosher, we request that you have a dairy/pareve meal. We ask all hosts to have either a dairy/pareve or meat/pareve meal. The rabbi is available to help guide menu selection for all host homes and for guests bringing something to the meal.

5. Who pays for the meal?
Hosts cover the cost of the meal. Some hosts invite guests to bring something for the meal.

6. Is their a set limit or minimum for how many people hosts can have in their home?
You can host as many or as few guests as you want. Registration forms include space to clarify how many spaces you have at your table. Guest registration also includes space to clarify any special needs.

7. I'm worried about not knowing anyone at the meal.
All hosts and guests are members of Congregation Habonim so rest assured, this is your community. Registration forms include a space to request if you want to dine with specific friends. Keep in mind that Habonim at Home is a great opportunity to meet new people.

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