Herbal Medicine Making 101
Have you ever wondered what useful plants might be growing in your neighborhood or in your own backyard? Would you like to learn how to utilize these plants to create effective herbal remedies for your friends and family? Then join community herbalist, Katelyn Jarkowiec, for the series – Herbal Medicine Making 101!

In these hands-on classes, we’ll get to know the plants growing in and around Whitelock Farm, discuss the art and science behind each medicinal preparation, and then create an herbal remedy together. By the end of the series, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to create your own home apothecary using fresh, local, homegrown, and seasonal herbs.

These classes will be held on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm in the park on the corner of Whitelock St and Brookfield Ave
Cost: $5 - $15 sliding scale for class. Classes with a take home product require a $5 materials fee.

Feel free to be in touch with any questions! We can be reached at getinvolved@whitelockfarm.org



Sept 1st - Plant Walk
Sept 15th - Infusions and Decoctions
October 6th - Oils and Salves
Oct 13th - Wild Foods
Oct 27th - Tinctures
Nov 10th - Fire Cider and other Herbal Vinegars

September 8th – Herbal Infusions and Decoctions – Learn the art and science behind creating simple, effective medicine right in your kitchen with only one ingredient - water! Infusions and decoctions are some of the oldest and most accessible forms of plant medicine.

September 29th - Oils and Salves – Medicinal oils and salves are a great way to apply plant medicine topically. We’ll discuss plants remedies for common ailments such as rashes, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, and then make an herbal healing salve together! Want to take home your very own tin of herbal healing salve?
*Be sure to register ahead of time - space is limited!! Please note: $5 materials fee required for the take home option

October 6th - Wild Foods - In this class you’ll discover a new meaning for the word “weeds” as you learn to confidently identify and harvest these wildy weedy plants and turn them into delicious pestos, beverages, and wild salads!

October 13th – Kitchen Medicine – Did you know that your spice cabinet is full of medicine!? In this class we’ll discuss how common spices can be used to create powerful healing dishes, medicinal broths, and more!

October 27th - Tinctures - So what’s a tincture? Learn about these simple, alcohol based herbal extracts and how to create your own using fresh or dried plants. Tinctures are concentrated, easy to take, and effective!

November 10th - Fire Cider and other Herbal Vinegars - Fire Cider is an old folk remedy that uses simple, accessible, kitchen ingredients to create a powerful winter wellness remedy! Fire cider can relieve sinus congestion, keep our immune system strong, ward off colds and flus, and increase digestion and circulation. Learn how to make this popular herbal folk remedy as well as other herbal infused vinegars that can be used in beverages, salad dressing, cocktails and more!

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