CECI - HPDA Survey
The budget for the new CECI cluster at ULB could be available in 2018. ULB was designated as the University to provide a HPDA infrastructure (i.e: High Performance Data Analytics, sometimes refered to as "BigData") and services for the CECI. Given the heterogeneity in this field, we would like you to take a few minutes to fill this form so that an infrastructure answering the broadest needs can be designed.
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Email *
Are you interested to have access to this kind of infrastructure ? *
On which kind of data do you want to work ? (e.g: Genomic, Video, Image, Text,...)
What is the amount of data you plan on using  and under which format are those information stored ? (e.g: text, csv/tsv, lots of small files, few big files, distributed database,...) Are those subject to modifications during your computations ?
How do you access these data ?
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What services are you currently using in your research projects ?
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What amount of memory are you susceptible to use for a single core ? *
Amount of resident data (Your Home Folder) *
Amount of transient data (Your tmp folder)
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Do you need data to be stored durably in a distributed database or search engine ? (e.g: An entire DB in HBase or an index in ElasticSearch)
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Will you be using sensitive data ? *
If your data is sensitive, what do you need ?
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If your data is sensitive, could you describe briefly your needs in terms of security ?
Are you interested in using Notebooks like Jupyter or Zeppelin
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Do you plan on using distributed GPU computations ?
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If you are interested in GPU computations what frameworks/libraries do you use ?
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If you are a R user, would RStudio be
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Do you plan on running benchmarks ? *
Do you plan to use the HPDA infrastructure for : *
Are there any libraries you will definitely need ? (e.g: Mahout v0.13.0, Giraph v1.2.0,...)
Do you think of other technologies/services, not mentionned earlier, that you would like to see on a BigData cluster ?
Could you describe briefly the software stack you are currently using in your work with BigData ?
If we have further questions, may we contact you directly ? *
Any other remarks ? Feel free to elaborate !
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