Group Guitar Class Mansfield / Easton
Scheduled to start the first week of June
$99 for 6 classes

6 weeks

Ages 9 -12

$99 - includes a guitar free of charge to take home for six weeks

For young beginners who may be interested in playing the guitar but may not be ready for long-term private lessons.

Topics Covered:

* The fastest way to prepare your fingers to play guitar

* Learn the "King of All Guitar Chord Progressions" (And it's related scale!)

* The right way to practice at home to ensure the fastest progress possible.

* Each class includes multimedia presentations on the history of guitar including profiles of some of the greatest guitarists ever.

* The class is structured so each student will also have some one-to-one instruction by the teacher.

* Lots of handouts to take home.

* We lend you a FREE high quality beginner level acoustic guitar that you can take home for the duration of the program.

* Participation is limited to 6 students to keep class size small for effective learning.

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