Ensemble Rehearsal Skills
Collaborating Strategically & Conveying Ideas
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Ensemble Rehearsal Skills Rubric
4. Consistently - 95% or the time or better
3. Usually - Between 75% and 95% of the time
2. Occasionally - Between 51% and 74% of the time
1. Infrequently/Never - 50% of the time or less
Ensemble Rehearsal Skills
Exhibits proper playing position and posture
Performs correct articulations
Performs with appropriate air support and tone
Performs written dynamics and expressions
Performs with proper fingerings
Updates and utilizes music folder/flip folder
Is ready to begin class on time
Utilizes time before class to prepare for rehearsal
Marks music without prompting
Watches conductor while performing
Responds to and demonstrates understanding of conductors musical gestures
Cuts off with conductor
Is ready to play when requested
Provides insightful musical ideas and is able to offer musical suggestions for improvement
Refrains from side conversations
Has a pencil ready for rehearsal
Has instrument in working condition
Has music
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