"Building Equity" Survey
Thank you for joining us and taking 3-5 minutes of your time to fill out the JCAL Building Equity survey; especially in this difficult time of CoVid-19 quarantine and the uprising against racism and police brutality. Your input is a testament to human uniqueness and our commitment to support one of New York's most diverse and tragically ill-supported community. Your input will help JCAL create greater awareness and programming that collectively celebrates individuality.

Building Equity for Immigrant, Indigenous and Native American Artists (Building Equity) is a pilot program from the Jamaica Center of Arts & Learning focusing on giving voice to under served cultural communities. Building Equity is supported by a two-year grant from New York Community Trust, it is dedicated to researching, engaging and promoting underrepresented artists in our community in a culturally sensitive and authentic manner, and to providing greater access for audiences to see and to experience their work. We are committed to offering a safe space that honors, respects and welcomes all people.

In this time of CoVid Quarantine please join us as our guest for virtual programming on our webspace, www.jcal.org and our Youtube and Facebook sites.
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