PACLA Overton Window Shifters (OWies)
Who are the people in our community who are speaking out about injustice and ableism? Who are the people in our community who are shifting perceptions and changing the conversation about autism? Those who are perhaps seen as too "radical", but the same ones who are planting the seeds for huge paradigm shifts?

This is the often unappreciated work of activists that goes unnoticed. But it is so incredibly important! PACLA wants to recognize the people in our community who are doing the hard work of creating a better future, a better world for autistic people.

We want to acknowledge these Overton Window shifters as we come into April. Let's celebrate autism acceptance and those who are building a better world for all of us.

Who would you nominate as an Overton Window Shifter?

Please read this post from Radical Neurodivergence Speaking that talks about activism and the Overton Window if you want to learn more about the type of individual we are looking to recognize:

Each nominee will be reviewed by the PACLA moderating team before a final decision is made. Each nominee must identify as Autistic, but anyone can nominate a person!

We want to begin by honoring Autistic people and will be awarding one award a week for the month of April to be chosen by PACLA's team of moderators . We may expand this to others in the future, but at this time PACLA feels that it is important to focus on the work of Autistic activists!

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Why are you nominating this person?
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In order to respect each potential nominee's privacy, and the privacy of those nominating, we will be contacting before a public post is made. Is it okay for us to tell them who nominated them or would you like to remain anonymous? (please include your name if you would like that information shared with the nominee)
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