NCSSS International Membership Application
Who Should Apply?
International Membership is open to secondary schools and organizations with specialized STEM Center/programs that have nonprofit status and whose primary objectives are congruent with the Consortium’s mission. The NCSSS defines STEM schools as those that prepare students to be leaders in global innovation by engaging them in rigorous, relevant, and integrated learning experiences, with a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics focus and specialization that include authentic research school-wide.

The membership committee of the Consortium Board of Directors has the responsibility to research all organizations seeking membership to determine that the rigor and program structure of all applicants is comparable to that of the current members in that category. Applicants will be assigned to the proper membership category after the application is reviewed.

Institutional Membership is open to schools that fulfill these criteria:
•Have a science, technology, engineering and mathematics focus.
•Require students to take advanced course offerings in STEM areas.
•Include authentic research school-wide.
•Maintain affiliations with local colleges/universities/research facilities/etc.
•Students participate in external STEM related competitions.

Associate Membership is open to the following types of schools that have nonprofit status and whose primary objectives congruent with the Consortium’s mission:
1.Emerging schools developing as specialized schools or specialized centers
2.Schools restructuring to become specialized secondary schools
3.Schools designing or redesigning to have specialized centers
4.Virtual high schools
5.Middle schools

This category of membership is open to schools that fulfill these criteria:
•Has a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics focus.
•Offers advanced course offerings in STEM areas.
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