Warriors and Warlords Merchant Registration 2024
  • Event pre registration is on a separate form which opens April 15. 
  • You must pre register as a merchant, event attendee and pre pay the event registration. 
  • Merchant registration closes June 1, 2024. 
  • Please read the information on the website regarding event policies, required  forms and the frontage space  descriptions prior to filling out the form. 
  • There is a limited number of merchant spots. 
  • When you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation email from Google Forms that has a link to the event attendance pre registration.  Event Pre Registration Opens April 15th. 

Sellers Permits

  • If you sell or barter in Wisconsin, you must have a permit. Please visit this web page: Wisconsin Department of Revenue Event Sellers for information you need to know about sellers permit. 
  • The Merchant Coordinator must have a copy of your sellers' permit or information from the seller's permit prior to setting up as a merchant. 

You will receive a copy of your registration form. The merchant coordinator or event steward will contact you with any questions and updates. 

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Address: street, city, state and zip code
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Are you intending to sell any goods or services? If no, please note in the comments why you'd like to be listed as a merchant or be in the merchant area? Thanks
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Where do you want to set up
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Is there any merchant or activity that you want to set up next to? 
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Frontage Space Description

Space will be allocated by frontage. This is how much space you need for the front of your retail area for people to enter.

Example: I have a 10 X 10 pavilion and will have a 8 X 8 shade that I will be selling from. My shade and pavilion both need an additional 5 feet to either side for ropes. My pavilion will be placed behind my shade. So Lets add that up. Tent will need a space of 20 feet wide and that will also hold my shade. Length of my pavilion with ropes will be 20 feet. The ropes to the back of my shade can cross my pavilion ropes so it only has a depth of 13 feet. So I will request a space with a frontage of 20 feet. Each space is approximately 50 feet deep.

How much Frontage Space do you need? Each space is 50 feet deep. Please contact the Merchant Coordinator if you are unsure. 
Description of Merchant items for the website. Include links to website, Etsy sites, etc. 
Date you will be arriving to set up. Event opens to the public on Thursday July 11, 2023. Merchants can begin set up on Wednesday July 10, 2023. afternoon.  Please contact the Merchant Coordinator to arrive before Wednesday.
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