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Thanks for being interested in our education and training programme!
Before you subscribe to the education and Training programme, we want to provide the basic information.

The target group for our training programme consists of early stage (first 3.5 years) micro and small business women entrepreneurs from the service sector in Germany and Ireland.

The blended learning Programme starts with a kick of meeting followed by a four months online collaboration. From the beginning of June you will be organized in teams to work on different issues regarding your business together with women entrepreneurs being in the same situation and business students.

The structure of the programme provides that you create a business canvas at the beginning and the end of the programme to visualize your business situation in a before-after-canvas. A competence matrix will be provided as a tool to monitor your progress regarding your chosen courses.

Next to exercises regarding your business you will find activities related to your personal development and your role as a women entrepreneur as well as your networking activities.

This programme is funded by the European Commission and free of all costs. However, as we are running a research project and we have to validate the whole programme, a questionnaire has to be filled in at the beginning and the end of the programme and eight months afterwards.

The recording and evaluation of the data we are collecting for research is pseudonymized, which means assigning a number and not revealing your name. Your data won't be used for any other purpose without your declaration.

Participation in the education and training programme and the corresponding study is voluntary. You are free to terminate your participation at any point in time without incurring any disadvantages.

Please fill in the following form for your firmly registration to the learning programme.
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