DRD Student Registration Form 2020-2021
Duck River Dance is located at 121 E. Main St. in Manchester, TN.
Classes for the 2020-2021 season will begin August 3rd.

When completing registration, please consider:
1) Classes listed as "Instructor Approval" require approval from the instructor listed.
2) Classes marked (*J) or (*B) require a prerequisite of at least one year of ballet/jazz.
3) All ages are guidelines and instructors may make adjustments as they see fit.

Registration fee of $25 per student/$35 per family is due upon submission of this form. Registration is not complete and your position in classes is not secure until the fee is paid. You may send check by mail to the address above or pay via PayPal at paypal.me/duckriverdance
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Ballet - Ballet/Tap Combo Classes *
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Tuition Policy: Tuition is to be paid at the first class of each month. Late fee will be added on the 10th of the month. DRD does not prorate for missed classes. Make-up classes will be made available. The dance year runs August -May. I am financially responisble for tuition each month regardless of attendance. I will notify DRD staff if my student will suspend classes at any time during the year. If I fail to notify DRD, I am still responsible for the missed classes. Student accounts must be current to participate in any performance, camp, workshop. Students in arrears more than 2 months will be asked to sit out of classes until paid in full. *
It is my responsibility to obtain a copy of the DRD Handbook at my first class of the season. *
DRD has attire requirements for each class. Ballet attire requirements have changed this year and I will familiarize myself with all class attire reqirements prior to my first class. *
Liability disclaimer: Dance in an inherently physical activity. As a result, injuries may occur. In the process of instruction it may be necessary for instructors to make hands on corrections to students. Duck River Dance and its staff are not liable for any personal activity that may occur during any activity related to Duck River Dance. Students dance at their own risk. DRD studio and its staff are not liable for loss or damage to personal property. *
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