Publicity and Photo Release, Yinghua 2019-20
Yinghua Academy makes a concentrated effort to promote Chinese language and culture, as well as the positive activities, honors, and work of our staff and students. This includes working with newspapers, magazines, radio, television stations, social networking, and developing our own publications. These publications include information, likenesses, and images, which may appear on the school website as well as in other publications.

There may be opportunities for students to be interviewed and photographed and identified by name. However, we understand that some may request not to be identified.

Complete this form to inform us of your publicity preferences pertaining to your child (or children) attending Yinghua during the 2019-20 school year. Note, however, that your children’s images or likenesses may appear in candid photos or videos without any type of identification and the use of these images is permissible without this release.

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If you answered yes above, please also answer the following question. Do you have the same publicity and photo preferences for each of your children enrolled at Yinghua during this school year?
If you answered no above, please list below the first and last names of each of your children enrolled at Yinghua and your publicity and photo preference for each: 1=may identify; 2=don't identify; 3=don’t specifically interview/photograph. See descriptions above.
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