Resurrected Bites Home Delivery Order

We are now able to offer a new service!
Alison will call everyone the afternoon before your delivery is due to let you know roughly what time our driver will be with you.

- If you are struggling to access food, complete the form below and press SUBMIT.
- We need a NEW form for each order.
- THE ORDER MUST BE RECEIVED BY 1PM ON THE DAY BEFORE YOU WANT A DELIVERY. However, we can only do 30 deliveries a day so if you are order 31 you will get moved to the day after but we will let you know. YOU CAN STILL ORDER FOR SEVERAL DAYS IN ADVANCE.
- Put all information on the form, please do not send it in an email.
- After you have submitted, you will receive a confirmation on the next page that the form has been submitted. Only resend it if you DO NOT receive the confirmation.
- We provide 3 days worth of food. You can reapply in 3 days time.
- Please wait in for your food delivery on the day it is due to be delivered (we deliver MON to FRI only). If you need to go out for an emergency, email to inform us what time you will be out from and til. Please make a note of this email address now.
- We only deliver to Harrogate, Knaresborough,Boroughbridge and Ripon. We now deliver to Summerbridge, Darley, Clint Bank area on a TUESDAY only.
First Name *
Surname *
House number or name *
Street Name *
Select the area you live in *
Postcode *
Phone number of person receiving the food (in case of any queries). NOT PROVIDING A NUMBER MAY DELAY YOUR DELIVERY. *
If you have a car, would you prefer to collect the food package from GRACIOUS ST METHODIST CHURCH IN KNARESBOROUGH at a set time? Please ensure we have a correct email address (preferable) or phone number. *
Email (in case of any queries). If you have opted for picking up we will email or text you your pick up time.
If you are ordering a home delivery, do you agree to wait at home on the day you have requested a delivery until the food has been delivered? We cannot leave food on your doorstep or with neighbours because of food hygiene reasons. If there are exceptional circumstances why you need to go out, email to tell us what time you will be home. *
Please provide the number of adults the request is for: *
Please provide the number of Children the request is for: *
Please provide the AGES of the children the request is for or write NA if no children: *
Dietary Requirements - if the order is for multiple people also comment below, if the whole family have that dietary requirement. If you answered other, please specify below including foods you DISLIKE & other things we need to know e.g.“1 child vegetarian, rest of family eat meat” :
Do you have a food intolerance? *
If Yes please specify below if this affects 1 person or everyone:
Do you have any food allergies? *
If Yes please specify below if this affects 1 person or everyone:
Please list below any toiletries, household items, pet food you REALLY need. If you want nappies, state what size. We will provide if we have the item you request. Do not reply "ANY". For sanitary items, do you prefer tampons or towels. We also have incontinence pads sometimes. If you need a specific type of baby formula please state which one.
Would you like fruit & veg? *
Store Cupboard: When we have these items available please tick the items you would like: *
Drinks- tick which one you prefer if available *
DAIRY: tick which dairy options you prefer and we will provide if we have them *
Vegan Milk & Baby Food: would you like any of these options, if we have it? *
Chilled & Frozen food: When we have these items, would you like: *
If you have freezer space would you like extra food (beyond 3 days)? *
If yes, please indicate how much freezer space you have e.g. equivalent of 3 loaves of bread.
We sometimes have flowers, would you like some? *
If you have a child would you like a new book or a craft kit? *
Would you like someone from your local church to call you for a chat or to pray with you? Please answer "no" if you are ALREADY receiving a call from your local church. *
PLEASE READ! If we receive more than 30 orders in a day, we will move orders 31 onwards onto the following day. If this impacts your delivery we will let you know. We deliver Mon to Fri to Harrogate, Knaresborough, Boroughbridge & Ripon. If you order BEFORE 1pm, we aim to deliver the NEXT day unless you request for a later date. IF YOU ORDER AFTER 13:00 YOU MUST PUT A DATE IN 2 DAYS TIME. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE DATE IS A WEEKDAY & THE CORRECT DATE OR WE MAY MISS YOUR ORDER. PLEASE ENTER IN THE FORMAT DD/MM/YYYY. Check the date before submitting the form. If you make a mistake after submitting your form, email to tell us what change you need, do not resubmit the form as it will get deleted by the automated system. *
The food will be delivered to your doorstep including in a block of flats. Are there any issues with you getting food from your doorstep into your home? If you have answered yes, provide details in the comments at the end of the form. If you are physically able, please ask the volunteers if you can help to collect the food from their car. *
Comments including any additional directions needed to find your home
If you are a referral agency, please state which one. If you are completing this form for yourself, please state if you were referred by a support worker & who it was. If you do not have a support worker, please state the reason you need a food parcel. Not answering this question, may delay you order. *
Changes to our service- please read. We are closing 10-21 Aug for a break. From 25th Aug we will only deliver to each household once per week, on the same day each week. Answer below any days you CANNOT be at home for a delivery. *
More Info
Your personal information will be treated as confidential by us and held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 and will be used to deal with your order and will be shared with others to facilitate the delivery to your home. We use anonymised data such as the total number of people we have provided food to, to people who have provided funding and on social media.

The food will be delivered to your doorstep. We will knock to let you know it is there and will step back to over 2 meters before you open the door. If you do not hear them, they will phone you. If you do not respond, the volunteer will remove the food to prevent vermin.

Please be assured that we are following strict hygiene procedures.

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