Divine Desires Application
Dear one, your desires are divine.

If you are a woman who knows she’s meant for more.

More than the life she’s been living

More than working to pay the bills

More than settling in your relationship, your job, your business, your home...

You know you’re meant for greatness, but it feels like you’re stuck.

Like you’ve lost track of what excites you.

You’ve been doing your work - but there's still something holding you back…

You’re all hustle, no flow. Manifesting like crazy, but not seeing results.

Like the life you deeply desire is just out of reach, just a little hazy… and you’re not sure how to get there.

Do you feel that? That nudge, that little nod and whisper saying yes, this is me, she's gets it.

Then it's time. I'm inviting you to apply for Divine Desires.


1. Get clear on who you are, why you’re here and what you deeply desire
2. Heal anything that’s subconsciously or energetically blocking you from creating your dream love, work, and life situations
3. Take massive aligned action to turn your divine desires into your reality

Divine Desires is you + me + an inspiring AF community of soul sisters, three months, magic.

Oh, and? Two digital courses, free access to live events and lifelong membership to my alumni community where you'll get quarterly group calls, ongoing support and so much love.

This application is reserved for those ready to invest in themselves + answer the call.

For the woman who is ready to elevate, no matter what it takes. Who knows she's alive to do more than survive. Who wants - no, needs - to do more than work 40 hours a week and wait for retirement.

Your intution led you here for a reason. Your soul is calling for healing, purpose, expansion, abundance. This is your time.

Let's get started.

*Divine Desires will reopen in September 2019; if your application is accepted, you'll get early access to the bonus digital course, Take Your Power Back, and an early bird bonus private session with me.
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Are you ready to financially invest in yourself to shift out of survival mode and start to thrive in life, love and business? *
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Everyone has magic in them - if you're a little unclear, no sweat. We'll get cleare together. For now, let your intuition guide you.
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I love you, gorgeous! Once you hit submit, I'll look over your application and let you know if Divine Desires feels like a fit. Want to speed up the process? Message me on Instagram or Facebook to let me know your application is ready!
I can't wait to chat with you soon!
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