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Rider must be a Bike Burlington member and registered with RAGBRAI in order to camp with Bike Burlington. Membership application and dues can be submitted online as well. That form can be fill out this address. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfurd-QGNttNW6_kMklKbw0iekuz3Emos4hCEOYaka-Ub_HtA/viewform
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The undersigned, for and in consideration of the privilege of participating in events and activities organized and sponsored by Bike Burlington, Inc., hereby covenants and agrees not to sue Bike Burlington, Inc., it’s officers or agents for damages which may be incurred by the undersigned arising out of the undersigned’s participation in such activities or events and caused by the negligence of Bike Burlington, Inc., it’s officers and agents
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Please list the accompanying riders information. (rider must be traveling with Bike Burlington) If this section is not applicable please put NA for the next two questions.
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