CBB Ambassador Board Application
The mission of The Children's Book Bank is to increase the chances for children to succeed as future readers, learners, and citizens by filling their homes and lives with quality books.

The CBB Ambassador Board is a great way for professionals to engage in the mission of The Children’s Book Bank. It is a leadership opportunity that allows for networking, civic engagement, professional and personal development, and has the potential to lead to roles within The Children’s Book Bank Board of Directors.

To apply to become a CBB Ambassador Board member, please complete the following actions:
1. Read the CBB Ambassador Board Overview document: https://goo.gl/q2tK4q

2. Complete the questions below.

3. Submit a current CV/Resume with current and previous education history, work experience, publications/presentations, awards/honors, and reference information. You are also welcome to submit a cover letter, though it is not required. You can submit your application by sharing a link via google drive (below) or emailing it to info@childrensbookbank.org.

Applications are accepted at any time. We ask for an 18 month term of service from the date of your acceptance to the CBB Ambassador Board.

If you have any questions or would like more information about The Children's Book Bank, please contact us at info@childrensbookbank.org and review our website at www.childrensbookbank.org.

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As a member of The Children's Book Bank Ambassador Board, each individual will be asked to reach out to his/her community to advocate and liaise for CBB. Please list any groups with which you are involved that could lead to networking opportunities during your time as an Ambassador Board member. Examples: sports teams, faith groups, civic groups, book groups, neighborhood associations, alumni groups, local businesses, foundations, etc. *
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