Teacher Grant Pilot Program Application and Cover Sheet

WCEF is launching a new avenue to support teaching and learning - Teacher Grant Pilot Program. WCEF is looking to fund innovative projects that will enhance and support 21st century learning in the Walnut Creek School District. A primary characteristic of a 21st century classroom is “connectedness.” This refers to connectedness to self, connectedness to peers, connectedness to learning resources, and connectedness to the wider world.

October 16, 2019: Online applications due by 5pm
Late October 2019: Selected applicants posted on WCSD and WCEF websites
November-May 29, 2019: Teacher Grant Pilot awards must be spent

Applications are due no later than 5 p.m. on Oct. 16, 2019.
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By listing the name of the principal of your school you are certifying that you have reviewed this WCEF Teacher Grant application with your principal (or supervisor if applicable) and he/she approves of the proposed project/lesson.                            *
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