Have the tariff threat changed the way you run your tabletop gaming business?
While there has been a reprieve on the tariffs impacting the tabletop industry, we are seeking to understand how the threat of Chinese tariffs have changed the way you are doing business. Please be the primary owner or director of a company in the tabletop gaming space.

This is a private poll. We will not release any individual information. We will gather this poll and write about it in aggregate. We are asking that you identify yourself so we can check the validity of the information. If you would like to speak on the record, please mark as such.

My tabletop business is primarily a...
Would the proposed Chinese tariffs have significantly impacted your business.
How confident were you that your business would survive the proposed tariffs?
Did you make recent changes, or plan to make changes in the way you do business because of the threat of tariffs
If you responded with a YES. Please describe the changes you made or were going to make. (layoffs, price increases, manufacturing changes...or?)
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If you responded with a NO. Please describe why you didn't need to make changes.
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If the tariffs don't happen, will you still go through with plans to change your business?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about tariffs?
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What is your full name and company? (We will NOT share your poll information with anyone, we just want to check the validity of the poll data.) *
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Would you be interested in talking about this on the record with Tabletop Wire? *
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