Scandent LabFall 2018 - Possible dates for a second class
For Fall 2018, Scandent Homeschool Science Lab will meet on Thursday afternoons. If you are able to attend at this time, please register here.
If you are not able to make it at that time, please indicate below which days might work for you. I'll collect the responses and see what works for the most families.
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Which of the following days/times could work for you? Please pick all that could work, to maximize the chances of finding a date that works for many families.
Monday mornings, approx 9am-12pm
Monday afternoons, approx 1-4pm
Monday evenings, approx 4-7pm
Tuesday mornings, approx 9am-12pm
Tuesday afternoons, approx 1-4pm
Wednesday mornings, approx 9am-12pm
Wednesday afternoons, approx 1-4pm
Thursday mornings, approx 9am-12pm
Friday mornings, approx 9am-12pm
Are there other dates/times that you'd like to suggest? Or, would you like to provide any additional details about your availability on the above choices?
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Might you be able to host a class at your home? Or do you have a suggestion for a class location?
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Is there anything else you'd like me to know about your availability for Scandent Lab?
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Thank you!
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