2020 Class Learner Consideration Form
Parents wishing to provide information relating to the formation of classes for 2020 may do so on this form to be completed by Friday 16th November. Class placement forms submitted after this date cannot be considered.

The process of placing children in a class takes a considerable amount of time and needs to be firmly based on trust in our staff. We see your children for close to six hours a day and, as a result, we do get to know them very well.

As part of the process, teachers will firstly consider the following points:
• compatibility of peers
• a balance of ability within a class
• a child’s response to differing teaching styles
• gender/culture balance within a class
• consideration of learning needs
• and then, relevant points noted below.

Parents are always keen to ensure their child has friends and peer group combinations, this is only one fact and, therefore, may not necessarily be regarded as the most important for staff in class placement. While you may specify individuals that you wish placed with your child, this may not be reciprocated by other parents.

While we will take careful note of your concerns, and this exercise is not regarded as a 'select your teacher' opportunity, the final decision will be made by the staff based on their professional knowledge in the best interests of your child.

Information provided will be used by the senior leadership team only to form classes.
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Background Information: Does your child have any learning needs we need to be aware of? e.g. reading/writing/math support, ELL (new English Language Learner), high ability in a certain area? *
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Peer Group considerations: Reasons why you would or would not prefer your child to be placed in the same class as certain children. Please name child/children and outline the situation. *
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Other Considerations: Please state any other matters you would like us to take into consideration when placing your child in a class for next year. *
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