2019 Desert Green Foundation - Linn Mills Scholarship Application
Linn Mills was a founding Father of the Desert Green Foundation, brilliant horticulturist, and life-long supporter of horticulture education. In honorarium, the Desert Green Foundation offers scholarship awards to students enrolled in higher education pursuits.

Application Criteria:
Applicant must be currently attending an accredited university in pursuit of a certificate and/or degree in Agricultural Science (includes horticulture, landscape, agronomy, irrigation, architecture, arboriculture, etc.).
* enrolled in a minimum of 6 units of related classes per quarter/semester
* in good academic standing maintaining a minimum of a “C” grade in each class currently attending
* showing an overall GPA of 2.5 for all courses completed within the major course of study thus far

Support Documentation Required:
- Current and other college transcripts (If horticulture course work has been completed at other institutions.)
- Completed Desert Green Scholarship Application Form
- Cover letter stating academic and professional goals
- Current resume listing past five years of job experience, acquired skills and knowledge, prior academic degrees, extra-
curricular involvement in industry organizations, volunteer efforts, etc.
- Two letters of recommendation from instructors, employers, acquaintances of two or more years

Additional: If awarded scholarship, then proof of current enrollment/progress report for fall semester attendance must be submitted by October 1 in order to receive the award. Awardee/s will be sent a progress report form upon selection.

Selection Process:
Selection is done by committee review. Each applicant will be individually reviewed and assigned points based upon the following criteria:
* Completed application package with all criteria fulfilled
* Clearly defined educational and professional goals
* Academic standing
* Extra-curricular activities

Scholarship Applications are accepted until September 30, 2019. Applicants will be notified of results by October 8th. Awards will be presented at the annual Desert Green Conference/Las Vegas. Awardee/s have the option to apply for the FEES (Fortier Excellence in Education Scholarship) award, which offers full conference registration and all expenses paid for travel and lodging to attend the conference.

Application packets may be emailed to: desertgreen@epicentermgmt.us or mailed to: Desert Green Foundation, PO Box 796 Orange, CA 92856.
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