Application form for p2i online course: May 2024
This self directed online course  is available to postdocs from current p2i partner organisations only (see Eligibility section below*). APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 24th April 12:00 UK TIME
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COURSE START DATE: Friday 3rd May 2024
We will notify successful applicants. Access to the course starts Friday 3rd May 2024.
The self directed online course " p2i online: Empowering researchers to innovate" is most suitable for postdocs from any discipline who are: 

- open to learning to think entrepreneurially
- curious about entrepreneurship
- ready to develop entrepreneurial skills & to engage with external partners
- build confidence to discuss their ideas with stakeholders in the entrepreneurial world and start engaging with entrepreneurship programmes
- keen to develop their networks.      

You will start the course on 3rd May 2024 as a cohort.  You will be guided through the course by weekly announcements during 3.5 months, but you have access to the course for 6 months to complete. Upon completion and fulfilling all requirements, you will receive a certificate.
Further info and the content of this course here:

This course is exclusively open to Early career researchers (postdocs) and early career employees from or funded by p2i partner organisations.

Places on the course are sponsored by the p2i Network and available through application only.

*p2i Partners are the following organisations, including their partner institutes:
- University of Cambridge
- University of Edinburgh (The University of Edinburgh’s Data Driven Entrepreneurship ( DDE) Programme)
- Universität Innsbruck
- PSL Université Paris
- University of Duisburg - Essen
- AstraZeneca

Commitment to completing the p2i online course. The p2i Network are covering the registration costs for early career researchers to access this online course. If successful in your application to participate in the course, you are expected to complete the course (please highlight the statement below to confirm your commitment).  *
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If you already have an idea or a business, please describe what problem you are trying to solve and what research on customers, markets, business model you have already done - Please provide non-confidential information only *
Reason for participating in the p2i online course (please provide your reasons for wanting to participate in the online course. This will be used in the selection process)
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