Many Maines
Date: Wednesday, July 8 @ 6:30-8:00

‘There are two Maines’, people sometimes say ... but which two? why two? Divisions in people’s experience of things like economics, education, geography, religion, culture give rise to ‘Maines’ that feel distinct. How have people and communities thought about their own and other Mainers’ experience as characteristic of life in the state – as ‘Maine’? And how do versions of ‘Maine’ interrelate and define or change each other? Where are we, when we are in Maine? Who is we? ‘Why do you ask?’

Kate Barnes, reading by Janet Mills (poem)
‘The life and times of Strider Wolf’, Sarah Schweitzer & Jessica Rinaldi (photo essay)
Maine Speaks, ‘Work’, Lura Beam; ‘Kennebec Crystals’, Robert P. Tristram Coffin (short stories)
Seaweed Chronicles: A World at the Water’s Edge, Susan Hand Shetterly (selections)
‘My Father, Out to Sea’, Jaed Coffin (essay)

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