Student Safety Survey
At this school they take good care of the school grounds.
At this school they keep the building clean.
At this school my classrooms look nice.
At this school students help make decisions.
At this school students can be in many different groups and activities.
Teachers are nice people.
At this school my teachers respect me.
My teachers let me know when I'm doing a good job.
I have good relationships with my teachers.
Students respect the teachers.
I'm comfortable talking to a teacher about my problems.
When I'm at school I feel very safe.
I feel safe on the way to school and on the way home.
When students have an emergency, they can get help.
At this school you can trust most people.
At this school adults care about students.
At this school, even people who are different are respected.
I have been grabbed or shoved by someone being mean.
I have been punched or kicked.
I have been cut by another student with something sharp.
I have seen a student with a gun on campus. 
I have been hit by a rock or something else thrown by a student.
I have seen a student with a knife on campus. 
I have had my property stolen. 
I have had my property damaged. 
Someone has threatened to hurt me. 
Someone has cursed at me. 
Someone has made fun of me.
I have been bullied.
Someone has been mean to me because of my color or race.
Someone has been mean to me because I am different.
Someone tried to scare me with mean looks. 
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