Bainbridge Prepares Ready Congregations Survey
Please complete this survey to help the Ready Congregations program of Bainbridge Prepares ( to best expand its work.

Faith-based organizations have always played a pivotal role following disasters, mobilizing people to help those most in need. Ready Congregations serves all Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap faith-based groups, helping them prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. Our goal is to help faith communities be ready to both care for their own congregations in times of disaster and to be leaders in caring for the entire community.

Thank you for taking this survey. Your answers will help us expand our work in the most valuable, meaningful ways. If you have any questions, please contact and/or
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What church, synagogue, temple, or other faith-based group do you attend?
To your knowledge, has your church, synagogue, or temple done any of the following activities?
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Developed an emergency response plan for when a disaster occurs
Conducted emergency drills (such as a fire or earthquake drill)
Stored supplies for an emergency
Developed a program to check on all members of your congregation after a disaster
Conducted activities to help affected by a disaster, locally or farther away
Partnered with the City of Bainbridge Island for your facility to serve as a Disaster Hub after a disaster
Assessed the risk of your church's, synogogue's, or temple's building to being damaged in a disaster
Coordinated a disaster-related training program for congregation members
Conducted other disaster preparedness or response activities
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If you'd like to share more information about any of the items listed in the question above, please do so.
In your opinion, which of the following activities might your church, temple, or synagogue be interested in working on with an organization like Bainbridge Prepares?
Do you have ideas for programs not listed above that Bainbridge Prepares might assist your congregation with? If so, please tell us about them.
Is someone in your church, synagogue, or temple clearly responsible for addressing emergency preparedness and response issues?
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If you answered yes to the question above and are comfortable sharing the name and contact information pf the person responsible for emergency issues in your congregation, please do. We would love to learn about their work.
Do you have any more information or questions you would like to share with us?
If you are interested in being kept up-to-date on the work of the Ready Congregations program, please give us your name and email address. We are always looking for new voices and new ideas to help make our work better.
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