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Do you need legal information about an upcoming legal clinic at SAC, to discuss resources, or for us to provide you with a legal referral? If so, please complete this form. There is no cost. 

Below is a list of legal clinics currently scheduled at SAC. Use this form for all inquiries. 
March 4, 2023 - Naturalizations (You have a green card and would like to become a US Citizen.)
April 15, 2023 - Expungements (You have something on your criminal record.) 
TBD - Consumer Law, Public Benefits, Housing

Do not use this form if it will put you at risk (for  instance you are asking for resources related to domestic violence) or if there are any imminent due dates, court appearances, or issues, related to your request. In that case, we suggest you contact Legal Aid, Public Law Center, or the Court's Self Help center immediately. Contact information for those resources can be found online. 

Information collected in this form is responded to by an attorney supervised paralegal student during the Fall and Spring semesters at Santa Ana College. For a copy of the school calendar, and to see if inquiries are being responded to at this time, google "SAC academic calendar." For information about the SAC Legal Studies Program or SAC, go to

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The SAC Community Legal Information, Resource, and Referral Clinic ("CLIRRC") is not a law office. We do not directly take clients or provide legal advice. Instead we collect, organize, and make available community legal resources, including referral to local public interest law firms, and information. We do this so that SAC students, family and community members, and future SAC students are able to access quality legal advice that keeps them moving forward in school, life, and career. Specifically, CLIRRC assistance does not include the giving of legal advice, creation of an attorney and client relationship, or any guarantee of services or outcomes. Neither CLIRRC or our community partners will ever charge a fee, although some legal work does require the client to pay a filing or related fee. Do you understand this disclaimer? 
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