10 Billion Lives Warped Tour Volunteer Form
Volunteer with the life-saving and life-changing 10 Billion Lives Tour this summer at Warped Tour!

Please check out the 10 Billion Lives Tour website to familiarize yourself with the tour: http://www.10billiontour.org/

Once again, we're actively seeking local volunteers to assist with our incredible pay-per-view outreach at Warped Tour this year. We need people who can help entice large numbers festival-goers to watch the video, debrief viewers after they're done watching, and give our dedicated staff a much-needed hand as we bring the truth about animal agriculture to tens of thousands of people this summer.

Volunteer Requirements:
-Ability to stand for lengthy periods in the summer sun (6+ hours)
-Ability to communicate effectively outdoors in hot/humid weather while surrounded by very loud music.
-Passion for animal rights issues and dedication to a vegan lifestyle.
-Ability to engage in productive, empathetic, and inspirational conversations with a young, alternative demographic.
-Ability to discuss inherent issues in animal agriculture to encourage the consumption of more vegan foods.
-Previous vegan outreach experience (recommended).

Volunteer Responsibilities:
-Entice passerby to watch the 10 Billion Lives video (http://10billionlives.com/).
-Debrief viewers to answer their questions and inspire action towards a more compassionate world.
-Work productively and cooperatively with 10 Billion Lives and Warped Tour staff.
-Be on time and stay for the entire duration of your volunteer shift.

In past years our tour staff have reached nearly 1,000 viewers each day with much-needed help from local volunteers! The 10 Billion Lives vehicle operates on the festival grounds (typically a parking lot or field) among large crowds and very loud music, which requires patience, determination, and the ability to operate in a hectic environment. Preference will be given to volunteers who can assist the 10 Billion Lives Tour for an entire day (approx. 10am-7pm) and who demonstrate a desire to engage in outreach for farmed animals in a compassionate and productive manner.

Once you have filled out the form you will be contacted by a FARM staffer to confirm your availability. Due to a limited number of volunteer wristbands available at each venue, we are unfortunately unable to accept all willing volunteers into the venue. After you submit this form, we will follow up to confirm times and details etc.

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A complete listing of Warped Tour dates, including the venue in each city, can be found at: http://vanswarpedtour.com/dates/ .
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Can you help by picking up a pre-paid, pre-ordered lunch for volunteers and the crew at a vegan-friendly restaurant along your route to the venue? *
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Are you a Compassionate Activist Network (CAN) Coordinator?
As a CAN coordinator you can earn credits for your outreach, which includes volunteering at Warped Tour and other forms of activism. Credits you collect can be spent in the CAN Store on gift cards from fabulous vegan businesses, supplies to support your activism and even cash! Sign up today at can.farmusa.org.
Do you have experience taking high-quality photos? In addition to normal volunteer responsibilities, would you be willing to bring a high-res camera and take a few photos of the 10 Billion Lives truck/event?
Questions? Comments?
Specific questions can also be sent to John at john@farmusa.org
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