Application Technical Questionnaire
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E-mail Address of Submitter
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Name of Vendor
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Name of Resource
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Name of Course or Subject Covered By Application
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Technical Support Phone Number
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Rostering and File Upload Questions
Does your solution currently use the OneRoster Solution?
If your solution does not currently use the OneRoster Solution, are there plans to implement OneRoster in the next 12 months?
Can the School District send teacher, student, course, and roster tables for all schools?
Does this resource allow for the scheduling of multiple teachers to one class (course)?
Can these tables transmit to vendor system via daily scheduled SFTP session?
Can the data tables contain complete rostering data for ALL current student and staff (ie, NOT changes-only)?
Does the use of District-based automated rostering keep classroom or school personnel from creating manual accounts?
Is there a fee involved in the automatic upload of data?
Does the resource support Single Sign On?
If you support SSO, what forms do you support?
Technical Environment of Application
Does your company have an option for hosted services for the application?
Does your application use HTML 5?
Does your application currently have an app for Chromebooks?
Does your application require a specific browser?
If your application requires a specific browser, please indicate which browser is required. Include the versions supported.
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Does your application have a native iOS app?
Please list all supported Operating Systems.
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What Server OS versions are supported (for local applications)?
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If your program is a local application, does it have a silent install option?
Does your application require local admin rights to run?
Please list the plugins and any required prerequisites that are required to run your application.
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Navigation features include the following:
Study tools include the following:
Assistive technology applications can run in the background to provide the following:
The application currently has the following accessibility features:
Additional Information
Please use the text field below to provide any additional information about your application. If you are providing additional information about a specific question, please include the question number in your response.
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